I feel like, that I’m better at knowing how much I need to push when working out. So today, I only did 90 of a variety of burpees and not 150. That said, I still can’t bring myself to go running.

I like this post about someone asking those closest to them the question, “Please tell me how I can love you better,” and then sharing what happened. Even if the idea of doing so, regardless of how much I want to, scares me.


This piece by Austin Kleon is brief, and awesome.

Becoming a parent is also an opportunity to treat yourself more tenderly, to forgive yourself, to forgive your own parents, and move on: Live your own life, love what you love, care what you genuinely care about, and give yourself the freedom and opportunity to go about your days in a way that unlocks who you really are.

Day 2. Every 30seconds for 20min. 1x clean and jerk @ 70kg. Challenging but manageable weight. Two days of exercise and I feel like a different person. Fitter, happier, (possibly) more productive.

Day 1 of trying to get into better habits. Starting Simple and Sinister again. 100 kettle swings and 10 Turkish get ups. It’s 15minutes-ish with a warm up. Which is about all I have time for at the moment.

I saw this article titled “I have come to dread looking after my grandchild each week” recently.*

It doesn’t apply to me, my parents live an 11 hour plane ride away (neither of those places being the UK). Then, I was talking to a former colleague about it and how there are pros and cons of living near your parents.

It was just strange, because for the people I know it’s a real conversation. However if I lived in the UK a 2 hour car drive would feel like a really long way.

*The article isn’t really relevant to me, both by the distance to my parents and the cultural difference of my wife’s Chinese parents.

A mile an hour -Running a different kind of marathon. Sometimes Youtube does recommend something worthwhile. He does a marathon in 24hrs and some odd jobs in between. He’s so likely, lovely easy watching. I want to run. ) hate running. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EvT5XS7j-Dc

Parcel collection in China. Parcels don’t get delivered to your flat, instead they go into a locker or to one of these places, within walking distance. You get a text with a code to collect it. It’s just extra busy since China has a massive online sale.

Starting to feel better after a couple of days off work. With it has come the the strength to believe what I’ve always known. What’s important, what isn’t. Things I shouldn’t be worrying about and things that are important but where worrying so much isn’t helpful.