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(Just things that are in my head.)

I’ve got the air con on in the other room, so flat rules say I can’t have it on in here. Still need to pay my internet bill, I think. Not sure.

Days of the week are simple, Monday is day 1, Tuesday day 2 and so on. So if you know the prefix and can count to 7, you’re set. Well, Sunday is slightly different. Months are the same, except the number goes first. I’ve forgotten the words though. As I try to repeat the words as Grace says them sometimes she says “that’s it” and I think, it’s just luck. Little by little. Also, she works faster then me. Which is a bit of a problem as I like to take too long doing things like cutting out. I don’t want to be too slow so have had to start working faster. Still extremely nervous about the kids starting next week, we talked a little about some of the differing attitudes to education in the East. Different expectations. Should be interesting.

Couple more meetings, more time getting the classroom ready, lunch in a Chinese restaurant store room*. When the children start next week the school is going to be really weird. Have gotten used to hanging out, sitting around drinking the free coffee. Highly professional. Seeing some people less and less each day, from all the new teachers and then people were secondary and primary and now we don’t really see key stage 2. A bit strange but inevitable.

Dinner with C at the same Japanese restaurant as last time, still talked at us a lot, still didn’t understand a word.

*Busy local restaurant with some of the other KS1 teachers but they’d cleared a storeroom past the kitchen and put a table in it. The food was amazing. I ate too much. 5 dishes and about 8 bottles of water came to about £13.

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