Chinese Homework.


1. 是的
2. 先。。。然后
3. 一边。。。一边
4. 一点儿也不
5. 为了 in order to
Of course my Chinese is improving. I can read most of this and write it with the help of my phone. It’s just slow going and you learn something but that doesn’t help you when the conversation moved to a different area or they are speaking the local d



It’s the small things that can present the biggest shocks living abroad. Though, it’s probably not the right word. For example, downstairs, under the parking level in the complex is 3 badminton courts with nets and here in the photo where there were maybe 20ish majiang tables with tiles. Both in places where there are a lot of people around, the tables were in a sort fun fair type place where yesterday there were thousands of people. But they’re just left to be used by whomever wants to use them. It wouldn’t happen in the UK.

Chinese New Year List of Things To Do.

  1. Meditate – Everyday. For at the bare minimum of a minute.
  2. Gamble – Set a limit. Take a chance.
  3. Drink a little – Maybe you’ll regret it. Maybe you’ll have fun. Maybe both.
  4. Walk/Run – from the first floor to the top, around the complex, with no destination in particular.
  5. Practise another language – Watch something. Use an app. Send messages. Talk to someone!
  6. Turn off your phone for a whole day – Yes: photos. No: messaging.
  7. Read a whole book in a day – A sticker if you can!
  8. Write an email/postcard/letter to someone you love.
  9. Cook something new – biscuits, cakes, lunch, dinner, breakfast.
  10. Clean the oven – Stop putting it off.