What does that mean in terms of friends?

I often say, I rudest to people I feel closest to. Because I don’t want to offend people I don’t know well or don’t know at all. It would cause conflict or because why would I? Maybe I just do it with close friends because I find it difficult to say I really feel? These are the people I know best, that I want to know me best.

But it also means that these relationships are the most challenging for me. These are the people I don’t want to offend, whose opinions I value. Whose off-hand comments can sometimes shake me most.

It’s inevitable though isn’t it?

Being back in the UK

(In no particular order.)
* How much for parking?!
* Supermarkets and all the wonders inside
* Fish and chips
* Being in the same time zone as most people I talk to
* Not having to start the VPN before doing anything on my phone
* Streaming services
* Driving a manual car
* Driving being so different
* Drinking water from the tap
* Jet lag with small children