Living here has definitely changed how I react to temperatures. It’s 23c today and it feels cool. Since summer is always 30+ and humid.

Letter of intent

We got an email about completing a “letter of intent” with regards to our contracts. Since schools hire as they can internationally they want to know what staff will do. This will be my 8th year in China which is crazy, frankly. I’ve met someone, married her, moved halfway across China and had two children. I’ve such mixed feelings about staying or going, that I’ll write later butIt all comes down to what’s best for the kids.

Daughter just tried to put the CD on top of our Homepod… Also, we don’t have anything to play cds at home.

In other news, yesterday I introduced the family to Haddaway’s – What is love. This led to searching for NOW albums and someone who has put all the NOW series into playlists on Apple Music. Now, I’m onto my old Britpop favourites. Feeling like a teenager again.


Life feels full on, constant in its intensity and I am always craving some time to myself. Some peace and quiet. Between work and children it rarely comes. Instead it’s snatched moments that are never enough. RELAX NOW. It’s not possible is it? All the while trying to enjoy this time when they’re little.

Yet, sometimes it comes together (all 4 of us are happy!) and those moments make it worth it.

Parking is always a pain when we visit L’s relatives. Narrow streets with cars on both sides makes parallel parking a pain. Plus I always want to get as close to the wall as possible.