If I took all the time I spend trying to format the work I’m doing, on whatever program, the things I could have done!

A definition of love

“It’s a verb. It’s an active engagement with all kinds of feelings—positive ones and primitive ones and loathsome ones. But it’s a very active verb. And it’s often surprising how it can kind of ebb and flow. It’s like the moon. We think it’s disappeared, and suddenly it shows up again. It’s not a permanent state of enthusiasm.”


One of my favourite things about Apple Music is that my weekly playlist is one kind of music, this week is all old dance music. I like that.

Places to put things at home are normally pretty easy.
1. Stable
2. Unaffected by gravity
But then you have small kids and it’s
3. Away from grabby hands.
I currently keep my computer on top of wardrobe, it’s just safer. He’s going to work out doors soon.

working parents

For working parents our careers tend to be busiest when our children yearn to have us around the most

Woke up to this article and can’t stop thinking about it. I couldn’t spend more time with my children though and feel all the more stressed for it.


Just finished watching Back to Life about a women who has just got out of prison. It’s quite dark but also really human and somehow manages to be funny too. I really loved it and had a little cry at the final scene. It’s just so British too.