lyra’s old flat

I think this is the first time I’ve seen the outside of the flat my wife grew up. We went past yesterday and she said that the area immediately around it is still very much the same.

Her parents still own it and rent it out. Mostly, in the hope, that it gets bought out. It sits right next to one of the big business centres in Chongqing and with the speed that things develop in China…

It’s an interesting contrast. Two minutes walk from the world’s biggest labels and all this money are tiny flats, being rented out for tiny amounts.

It’s the same at school, looking out across the sports fields are towers and towers of flats that weren’t here 5 years ago.

The speed of change in China is a hell of a thing.

I’ve been making an effort to listen to new music recently since I have all this (Apple) music and end up listening tot the same things. This week has been mostly the One Mix DJ mix shows.

I read a tip about faking inbox zero by archiving all my emails in Gmail, but read about the idea of ‘email bankruptcy’ and simply deleting it all*. All 38000! I started browsing my email when I first opened the account in 2004 and it’s just so different.

*i just couldn’t.

I made this bingo sheet to give me things to do that aren’t playing mindlessly with my phone. It started as a more specific list but I think I like the idea of each one being more than 1 thing. E.g. Move could be running, walking or some press ups.

Also, what else could I add?

I play with a friend half way around the world using but I just don’t like the time delay or not being able to manipulate the pieces.

New Resolution. One resolution at a time. To continue all year. First resolution: Go to bed before 10.

So many good things on the internet that are well worth my time, but it’s such a struggle to just focus on one thing/them and not mindlessly scroll.