Started preparing some things for students next week, since school is closed, and it was nice to be doing something finally! At least it distracts me from worrying about the virus situation. The problem is going to be fitting in working around them.

Occurred to me as I was chatting to a friend, the longest one of us has been out of the flat in the last 7 days is 90mins. Which was when I went to the supermarket.

Since we ‘trapped’ at home at the moment, I made this for my wife and I. A voucher for some free time. With having two, and the ages they are. It’s all hands on deck most of the time. Which we are finding stressful, coupled with the stress of worrying about the situation.

My vote don’t count – Aimed at America but plenty of takeaways for others too, about the importance of voting. As a Brit there’s plenty of things about America that worry me. Yet, there’s still so many things that are amazing. Hopeful we’ll get to visit this summer though.

It’s an interesting thought, I read on an email called Digitally Well, that I now pretty much lurk on the internet. How that wasn’t true before Twitter and Facebook when forums and smaller sites were a think. I don’t know what changed. Did I just get old?

Day 5 of trying to not leave the flat in China. Still a constant battle to keep the kids entertained and find a little time for ourselves too. Though, it seems like supermarkets have veg now (they didn’t), which is something.

With the Coronavirus, the foundation I work for has shut their schools in mainland China. We were due to go back to work on the 3rd but now will go back on the 17th. We’re planning to not go if we can help it but it means we’re ‘trapped’ at home…

In the last 5 minutes, I’ve read that Flickr are raising their prices, I don’t know what to do with all those photos, and that Sonos is ending updates for some of their old stuff. Sonos doesn’t effect me, yet but will eventually.