Just learning that with Family Sharing on iOS that in-app purchases can’t be shared. So, it’s better to get an app that costs $ instead of a free app that needs $ to unlock the full version.

Both L and I have both kind of hit a wall recently. It’s now 5 wks of being stuck inside. I can write about because I’m feeling a little calmer about it.

No idea of how much longer it will last. Considering going to Thailand but debatable whether that is a better choice for us.

I like the film viewing process when I don’t have a clue about it. It’s just so nice to not have expectations of what others think or what it’s about. It’s always a risk of course and some films it’s impossible to not hear anything about obviously.

I miss rolls of film.

I say that because apparently my 200gb of iCloud storage is full and I don’t want to have to sort out all my photos.

My wife tidies as she goes when she cooks and I’m very much in the – I’m cooking not cleaning school of thought. Which is why, when I think about it, that I normally wash up.

Been a tough weekend.

Now into our 5th week of self-isolation.

It’s normal now, not going out but L and I are finding it difficult having no time to ourselves now that our eldest refuses to sleep.

I used to watch The Office but fell out of it. We got Netflix recently and have watched the last season. Still one episode to go but the way they’ve done it is just lovely.