View from the balcony for my morning kettlebell workout. Accompanied by some drum and bass.

Getting up at 4:30.
Pro: I like having the time in the morning before the family gets up.
Con: By the time I get to work, I need a second wind.

Haven’t been eating much sugar recently… Just slipped and inhaled 3 cookies. Ooops.

Evening Plan.
Home > Friend taking the big kid so we can watch > Marvel Agent’s of Shield > Street bbq > Bed.

Morning routine – meditating, coffee, exercise. Managed some work too this morning before the boy woke up.

I miss going for breakfast in the UK. I’d love to be able to go somewhere for a full English


It was always the thing that kept me level and recently, while that’s still true. The time I’ve needed to take to do it has impacted on other areas of my life. We’re working through it but the in the meantime I’m trying to do something in the morning.