Daughter just tried to put the CD on top of our Homepod… Also, we don’t have anything to play cds at home.

In other news, yesterday I introduced the family to Haddaway’s – What is love. This led to searching for NOW albums and someone who has put all the NOW series into playlists on Apple Music. Now, I’m onto my old Britpop favourites. Feeling like a teenager again.


Life feels full on, constant in its intensity and I am always craving some time to myself. Some peace and quiet. Between work and children it rarely comes. Instead it’s snatched moments that are never enough. RELAX NOW. It’s not possible is it? All the while trying to enjoy this time when they’re little.

Yet, sometimes it comes together (all 4 of us are happy!) and those moments make it worth it.

Parking is always a pain when we visit L’s relatives. Narrow streets with cars on both sides makes parallel parking a pain. Plus I always want to get as close to the wall as possible.

I want to write more

But I don’t know what I want to write about or what I want to say. I know I want to find the time from somewhere to get some of things rolling around my head – out and a more organised. Family, work, life. 2 small children, working abroad in China, living in China. Some of that, probably. But how to say it?

You want a social life, with friends

This popped into my head last night as I sat on the sofa and the kids ran about. Meanwhile there was a work get together, I didn’t go to. It feels true and I find it hard to accept I think. Having two small children under 3 is time consuming.

My MacBook Pro screen packed up today. Closed it. Carried it somewhere. Opened it. Nothing. Another day it wouldn’t have bothered me. I just don’t need to be dealing with fixing it right now. Coupled with work now not happening too. I am a barrel of laughs right now.