Parking is always a pain when we visit L’s relatives. Narrow streets with cars on both sides makes parallel parking a pain. Plus I always want to get as close to the wall as possible.

I want to write more

But I don’t know what I want to write about or what I want to say. I know I want to find the time from somewhere to get some of things rolling around my head – out and a more organised. Family, work, life. 2 small children, working abroad in China, living in China. Some of that, probably. But how to say it?

You want a social life, with friends

This popped into my head last night as I sat on the sofa and the kids ran about. Meanwhile there was a work get together, I didn’t go to. It feels true and I find it hard to accept I think. Having two small children under 3 is time consuming.

My MacBook Pro screen packed up today. Closed it. Carried it somewhere. Opened it. Nothing. Another day it wouldn’t have bothered me. I just don’t need to be dealing with fixing it right now. Coupled with work now not happening too. I am a barrel of laughs right now.

fear of smartphones

For reasons I’ve been making a point of “faffing” about with my phone a lot less this week. At work it stays in my bag and at home it sits, mostly, by the front door. Often, in those places it’s switched off. I can’t be trusted. It is hard though and this short piece is good for thought.

Is Our Fear of Smartphones Overblown?

a positive reminder

I find it hard to be on the Internet and to stay positive so this music video shot from the front of a toy train ( and this channel of someone making this channel of someone making things ( are just what i need.

First day of the new school year. It always feels like starting again and not like continuing.