We are allowed to officially wear shorts to work today. I am comfortable because 30 degrees and shorts but uncomfortable because I’m wearing shorts to work. Aren’t brains great!

Between this and Years and Years on the BBC, I’m feeling very aware of my own mortality. This book starts with the world ending. As with Years and Years, it’s a little too real for me.

Interesting reading reviews of authentic Chinese food in the UK. My first thought is – that sounds gooood. Quickly followed by realising I probably take for granted all the good food I actually eat in China. Final thought is – how much money!? Link

Morning meditation cancelled today when the 3yo climbed into my lap for a cuddle. Totally worth it.

Today is children’s day. So the shopping centre was packed in a way that is totally normal to me now.

Was nice to go out without the kids but even two drinks was enough. The thought of an actual hangovers terrifies me.

Jocelyn K. Glei’s ‘Hurry Slowly’ is pretty much the only podcast I’ve maintained listening. It’s about being better by slowing down. Also, her voice is so relaxing. Hurry Slowly

View from the balcony for my morning kettlebell workout. Accompanied by some drum and bass.