Chinese New Year List of Things To Do.

  1. Meditate – Everyday. For at the bare minimum of a minute.
  2. Gamble – Set a limit. Take a chance.
  3. Drink a little – Maybe you’ll regret it. Maybe you’ll have fun. Maybe both.
  4. Walk/Run – from the first floor to the top, around the complex, with no destination in particular.
  5. Practise another language – Watch something. Use an app. Send messages. Talk to someone!
  6. Turn off your phone for a whole day – Yes: photos. No: messaging.
  7. Read a whole book in a day – A sticker if you can!
  8. Write an email/postcard/letter to someone you love.
  9. Cook something new – biscuits, cakes, lunch, dinner, breakfast.
  10. Clean the oven – Stop putting it off.

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