Day one

In no particularly order – understanding other people’s conversations around you, Kate, paying for a trolley at the airport, not having to fill in a landing card, £5:40 for parking, safer driving, Finn the dog, Finn the dog snoring, lasagne, squash, water from a tap, WESTERN SUPERMARKETS, pork pies, garlic bread, tea, jet lag, proper milk.

Bloc Party.

Have been posting to more and more. It’s more private then Facebook and other reasons but it’s there.

I was listening to Bloc Party recently and it took me back to a particular place in my life.

JH and I went to two different gigs in a really short space of time, I think. I remember buying one set of them over face value too, I think. I was doing my PGCE. So, it was… (approximate values)

3 teaching years in China.
3 teaching years in Manchester
1 teaching year in Gloucester

about 7 years ago.

And the second one was in Wolverhampton, Jenn drove and we went up with J and S. And it’s not that that I remember, it’s that it was then I decided to not do my third and final PGCE placement. It was one of those times when the right decision feels like the wrong one. I needed to do it and in hindsight I can see that with startling clarity but at the time it didn’t feel that way. I needed to take myself out of the situation. And I did, and for a time, it took a while to work things through. And I did work them through. And I moved on and up and out of Gloucester and then up and out of the country.

Life ebbs and flows, this much I know. But when times are bad, I already know that I’ve been here before and that it has turned around.


I tell my girls this every day whether is teaching them to ride their scooters, working on their swimming or simply coloring. Paralysis prevents most people from ever realizing their dreams. And I want to instill in my kids fear is something you face head on, you never turn your back on it. As Hunter S. Thompson said, “never turn your back on fear. It should be always be in front of you, like something that might need to be killed.”

It’s never just one thing is it?

Yes, that the thing at work is proving difficult but it’s not just that. It’s that you’re trying to eat right or get more exercise or to make sure you make the bed in the morning or to get at least 7 hours sleep or or or or… It’s putting everything together that is forever the problem.

Mine frequently revolves exercise. I will focus on it at the expense of everything else. Or at least I’ll try to because suddenly I don’t like the fact that I’m leaving home at 7:15 and not getting back 12 hours and then after a shower and eating the day is gone. I even thought I’d get some work done too!

The struggle is putting it together. To realise that exercise and food and spending time with L and other friends and Chinese lessons and are all part of that. As ever, a work in progress.