Still working on the superheroes name. Tomorrow, they plan to tell someone it’s ok to not know what to say to someone.

Basically, it’s the superhero ~~the world~~ I need.

Can’t we all just get along
the kids are pointing
maybe it is going to kick off
maybe it’s just love?

the struggle is

I said today was going to be happy haikus but that’s gone out the window. The struggle is that I have work I need to do but only a small, period that I can really do it without distractions. And that is something I really struggle with. It’s basically nap time or after they go to bed, but the eldest isn’t napping at the moment and in the in the evening I’m just tired. So I just end up constantly stressed.

Saturday in Haikus.

I tried not to use my phone today. Ended up writing some haikus instead. This are mostly first drafts that I haven’t dwelled on but instead was just trying to capture a few moments.

coffee and kids
phoneless Saturday
bubbles in cereal milk
other connections

risk assessment
single cough or sneeze
your first thought always viral
best start drinking then

but how much
its all the screaming
a constant high-pitched barrage
I do love my kids

I should put it down
but what else is there to do
when everyone’s screaming

quiet restful time
when kids sleep parents can breathe
want to buy a bridge?

Day 23
Bake Off on the box
the trains out with the boy
it’s not just one day

I’m so sorry, this is hard
we don’t argue much
we shout our feelings loudly
at last, better out than in

I’ll exercise tomorrow
one beer’s no problem
‘cause it helps take the edge off
4 more is ok too

My freestyle @1secondeveryday is up to 326 snippets since we started staying at home. I say to people, “just assume the rest of time is full of people being annoyed or crying.” We have done lots to keep the kids busy, but obviously only focus on the times we lost our patience.

We live in a compound – a group of 5 18-floor towers- it has a front gate. I’ve not been out the front gate in a week now. The longest I’ve been outside the front gate in 3 weeks is 90minutes and that was to go to the supermarket. Now, 1 of us can leave the compound every 2 days.

It’s interesting how in our bilingual household certain words don’t get translated into English. We only ever use the Chinese, it’s typically foods. Do you want a 水果泥? Though, I realise English is full of borrowed words. Maybe we’re adding some then!