Started the new year with a new plan. While there are numerous plans that would work, I’m happier paying and having someone tell me what I should do. Today was the first session and as ever I failed the first rule… don’t ever say or think, “that looks easy.”

First attempt at some blackout pages. Deliberately started at the front of the book and forced myself to use each page. Which was harder but worth it.

I stopped watching NWA Powerrr but started again today. The promos are amazing, it’s the actually matches that never really grab me. Ep 12 This Eli Drake promo is just incredible, just feels a lot more personal than anything else I watch.

Breakfast. 碗杂面. Noodles with stewed beef and chick peas. Spicy, numbing and causing me to break out in a sweat. Good start to the day.

Avocado and wasabi, sweet potato and coconut and pumpkin and caramel. Slightly out there crisp flavours.

My Flickr account is such a glorious snapshot of my life when I used it. There’s so many pictures that bring back a whole range of memories. A time before todays social media. I think that’s part of the reason I can’t bring myself to delete it, even though I don’t touch it now.