Just put together a table but obviously that’s too simple so i added two more children and that was much better.

Out for a stroll in the sun with Lyra and the eldest. Ice cream, some chips and a drink. Was very pleasant.

Another sunny day and e-learning is on hold for a virtual sports day (kids encouraged to log a range of activities at home). I have a little more free time and trying to spend it not working. Playing hide and seek with the youngest and I’m definitely too big to hide in the bath.

New rules today for our city are that anyone coming from overseas into China has to go to a hotel for at least 24hours to be tested. Previously it was just coming from high-risk areas. Potentially longer hotel stays if someone on the flight tests positive.

Was reading this discussion Metafilter about fun social activities that don’t involve leaving the house. Anyone else considered anything, got any ideas?

Played Fibbage with some friends in Australia over video chat. It was fun! I find making the effort to initiate calls or videos difficult even with close friends.

Apple Music normally puts similar music in my Favourites Mix but this week it’s given me Slipknot, Tool, Black Sabbath and also Pink, Sia and the Spice Girls.