Chinese New Year List of Things To Do.

  1. Meditate – Everyday. For at the bare minimum of a minute.
  2. Gamble – Set a limit. Take a chance.
  3. Drink a little – Maybe you’ll regret it. Maybe you’ll have fun. Maybe both.
  4. Walk/Run – from the first floor to the top, around the complex, with no destination in particular.
  5. Practise another language – Watch something. Use an app. Send messages. Talk to someone!
  6. Turn off your phone for a whole day – Yes: photos. No: messaging.
  7. Read a whole book in a day – A sticker if you can!
  8. Write an email/postcard/letter to someone you love.
  9. Cook something new – biscuits, cakes, lunch, dinner, breakfast.
  10. Clean the oven – Stop putting it off.


Was at school on Friday. We were manning a stall for Chinese New Year. There was a parent who I know is extremely well off. So we’re talking silly money. Anyway, my first thought was… Ok my first thought was to think about having that much money. But then that feeling suddenly just… Well dissolved. And all I could think about was how much I was loved by Lyra and family and close friends and how that was so much more valuable.



The last night of our stay in Thailand at the beginning on January, L left her rings in the bathroom. She realised this as we took off…
Nothing we could do on the flight to Bangkok, which was horrible, clearly. After failing to use Thai payphones, we put out someone on the Air Asia desk to call the hotel. Thankfully they still had them.
After lots of email, we managed to transfer money to the lady on the desk of the hotel who sent them last week. Lead to a week being terrified they were going to ‘disappear’ along the way.
So very glad they’ve arrived today. The world can be kind sometimes.
Happy Valentine’s Day Lyra! xxx