We’re doing ‘e-learning,’ posting daily work for students, responding to both their work and their parents etc. The issue is that I’m doing that with 2 small children running around screaming. It’s not conducive to working. Anyway, happy week 3/21 days of self-isolation!

In other news managed to setup the router I bought over a year ago to have a separate vpn WiFi network. Not sure how I managed to though.

Regardless, it was nice to just sit on the floor in the lounge and just mess about, which I haven’t had time to do. It working is a bonus!

In the disco today is Armand Van Helden remixes. We’ve got mixes of Spin Spin Sugar, Sugar Is Sweeter and his collaboration with Dizzee Rascal on the track Bonkers. The last one being kind of perfect to describe our situation.

We made an effort to tidy today. We’ve kind of been letting things go, so toys were everywhere. Definitely feel better for doing so, even if it doesn’t last.

The one bad habit I now have is going to bed much later. Before, I’d get a decent 7-8 hours sleep, sometimes more. Now, it’s around 6hr and I’m waking after the kids and realising – “it is a bit like the tv, when parents don’t feel with it.” New experiences.

I feel like what works best for me, in terms of habits, is to not tell anyone and just get on with doing whatever I’m doing. It seems so much more successful. No apps, bullet journals, no charts on the wall.

*This message is not me admitting that I have started anything.

The daily trip over the road to the Lawsons (little shop, convenience hop, Spar) is the highlight of my day.

Sometimes losing my temper is cathartic. A hard reset. This morning was hard. My stock answer to how it is going is now, “ups and downs.”