Hill Sprints:

1. This is ok.
2. I’m alright, I’ve got this.
3. It’s good, I’m breathing hard. I need to do this.
4. Crap. I’m remembering what last time was like now.
5. Why haven’t I stopped? One more and I’m done.
6. It was fine until I stopped running, now I I’m breathing too hard and I feel sick.
7. Hahaha I love this shit.

Glorious start to a Sunday morning.


irate, of late

My patience is worn thin.

I think it’s because of work. Just for a change I feel like I’m not completely in control of everything I wish to be in control of. Of my teaching and all the things related with it – assessment, planning, the actual teaching, all the little things that go with it. Nothing new I suppose. It’s just couple with having co-teaching issues and issues with other teachers and I just don’t know where to start.

I would like to feel more organised, focused. I don’t like this feeling simply all over the place. And while I appreciate I should make better use of my time I don’t really feel like I ever have enough of it. The students start to arrive at 7:45 and, at the moment, Lyra and I get the school bus which gets in at 7:45. Then suddenly it’s 3:30 and I’m done.