It’s such a strange moment. One day you’re suddenly having conversations with your children.

Apple Music has added “Get Up!” Mix, an upbeat selection, which I’m starting the day with. Started well so far…

  • We went out to a park today, sat on a mat in the sun and had snacks. Elise was brave on her scooter!
  • It’s still tough even though we can go out, my wife has a photo of me on my phone with the youngest copying me, so I’ve tried to stay off it today. I would just like a break.

Was reading this discussion Metafilter about fun social activities that don’t involve leaving the house. Anyone else considered anything, got any ideas?

Apple Music normally puts similar music in my Favourites Mix but this week it’s given me Slipknot, Tool, Black Sabbath and also Pink, Sia and the Spice Girls.

Question: I mostly use my Macbook at home but if I bought a extra monitor – would it work with a Nintendo Switch too?

It’s funny – now self-distancing/isolation/quarantine has hit the Western world there’s more discussion I can read about it. Like people discussing what to do with their kids or what they can do to organize games or online adult stuff. And I don’t know how I feel about all that.

Mum and dad took us out of school for 8 months when I was 9. They were both teachers and we did an hour a day. We came back ahead not behind.

And that worries me.

Some kids are definitely benefiting from being out of school so long and some kids are really not.

Anyone else manage to keep things in check as long as you need to be. Then when you don’t need to be, your body goes… NOPE.

I feel like that today. Someone came to help out at home and I feel more out of it than I have the 7 other weeks we’ve been self-isolating.