I would love to see a playlist of music I’ve ‘loved’ on Apple Music but in the last day I’ve been making an effort to stop playing the same few playlists. It’s hard though.

I’ve turned off screentime on my phone. We’ve totally given up on trying to not use our phones or computers now.

Was interesting to read a discussion of subtitles of Parasite on Metafilter but I also read this post about subtitles missing some of the nuances.

For me, in China, Western films are normally subbed. Still, it’s when Western films have non-English dialogue that screws me!

Today’s Day 28 of self-isolation. I’ve been making a ‘freestyle’ @1secondeveryday (now 6.5mins long!) I realised, as I watched it that to start we made a conscious effort to do stuff to keep the kids busy but now we just do stuff with them. A small detail but feels significant.

I have such clear memories and ideas about some of the music I listened to when I was a teenager. I just don’t feel like that’s as true anymore. Now, I can speak out loud and pretty much any music I want will start playing.

I don’t know how I feel about that.

Wide awake at 3am because I went to bed early to ‘get a good nights sleep.’ Ah well. Still, the quiet right now is amazing.

Still working on the superheroes name. Tomorrow, they plan to tell someone it’s ok to not know what to say to someone.

Basically, it’s the superhero ~~the world~~ I need.

Can’t we all just get along
the kids are pointing
maybe it is going to kick off
maybe it’s just love?