I feel like, that I’m better at knowing how much I need to push when working out. So today, I only did 90 of a variety of burpees and not 150. That said, I still can’t bring myself to go running.

I like this post about someone asking those closest to them the question, “Please tell me how I can love you better,” and then sharing what happened. Even if the idea of doing so, regardless of how much I want to, scares me.

A mile an hour -Running a different kind of marathon. Sometimes Youtube does recommend something worthwhile. He does a marathon in 24hrs and some odd jobs in between. He’s so likely, lovely easy watching. I want to run. ) hate running. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EvT5XS7j-Dc

Starting to feel better after a couple of days off work. With it has come the the strength to believe what I’ve always known. What’s important, what isn’t. Things I shouldn’t be worrying about and things that are important but where worrying so much isn’t helpful.

My Apple Music – Replay 2019 because it’s shared with the 3yo features both “Hey Micky You’re So Fine” and IDLES, Paw Patrol Theme and Dermot Kennedy, Superorganism and Little Mix.

a stage.”

I’ve been thinking of this a lot since I read it a couple of days ago. Life, as a total of everything that happens to me, has been (is) a struggle at the moment. And this quote was a reminder I very much needed.

When at home, do you always like to read in the same place? A particular chair or spot on the sofa? What does that look like?

If I took all the time I spend trying to format the work I’m doing, on whatever program, the things I could have done!

Places to put things at home are normally pretty easy.
1. Stable
2. Unaffected by gravity
But then you have small kids and it’s
3. Away from grabby hands.
I currently keep my computer on top of wardrobe, it’s just safer. He’s going to work out doors soon.

Just finished watching Back to Life about a women who has just got out of prison. It’s quite dark but also really human and somehow manages to be funny too. I really loved it and had a little cry at the final scene. It’s just so British too.