These circles represent where Mum and Dad, brother, sister and I live. I’ve followed dad and moved to a new country for work and married someone there. My sister moved to a new country for work, met someone and then moved to his home country. It means we’re a little, spread out.

We are allowed to officially wear shorts to work today. I am comfortable because 30 degrees and shorts but uncomfortable because I’m wearing shorts to work. Aren’t brains great!

Interesting reading reviews of authentic Chinese food in the UK. My first thought is – that sounds gooood. Quickly followed by realising I probably take for granted all the good food I actually eat in China. Final thought is – how much money!? Link

Jocelyn K. Glei’s ‘Hurry Slowly’ is pretty much the only podcast I’ve maintained listening. It’s about being better by slowing down. Also, her voice is so relaxing. Hurry Slowly

Getting up at 4:30.
Pro: I like having the time in the morning before the family gets up.
Con: By the time I get to work, I need a second wind.

Haven’t been eating much sugar recently… Just slipped and inhaled 3 cookies. Ooops.

Evening Plan.
Home > Friend taking the big kid so we can watch > Marvel Agent’s of Shield > Street bbq > Bed.

Thought I heard the baby crying. Went to check on baby. Baby was still asleep. Woke the baby.