I was going to try a screen free Saturday but here I am. The kids are, mostly, playing nicely in another room. I’m crashed out on a beanbag in the lounge considering doing some drawing and listening to some music.

@vincent I’ve downloaded Gluon but can’t post and I think that’s because my blog isn’t hosted by Micro.blog? Is that right? Thanks

Had a moment with the eldest and it made me realise the importance of something. Of making time to spend time with your children individually.

Our youngest can be ‘overpowered’ by our eldest because he’s 1 and at 3 she can do so much more. But he deserves some quality time too.

We live in a compound – a group of 5 18-floor towers- it has a front gate. I’ve not been out the front gate in a week now. The longest I’ve been outside the front gate in 3 weeks is 90minutes and that was to go to the supermarket. Now, 1 of us can leave the compound every 2 days.

It’s interesting how in our bilingual household certain words don’t get translated into English. We only ever use the Chinese, it’s typically foods. Do you want a 水果泥? Though, I realise English is full of borrowed words. Maybe we’re adding some then!

In other news managed to setup the router I bought over a year ago to have a separate vpn WiFi network. Not sure how I managed to though.

Regardless, it was nice to just sit on the floor in the lounge and just mess about, which I haven’t had time to do. It working is a bonus!

We made an effort to tidy today. We’ve kind of been letting things go, so toys were everywhere. Definitely feel better for doing so, even if it doesn’t last.

The daily trip over the road to the Lawsons (little shop, convenience hop, Spar) is the highlight of my day.