Want to upgrade to Catalina but the one app I need in China, my VPN, won’t work. So having to hold off. Disappointing!

油茶(you cha) is basically porridge with spices and some crunchy rice noodles on top. It’s delicious.

I’d love for this view to be British countryside but I’ll take the convenience of the fast trains in China, I think.

You get used to the English when you live in China but this from the hot springs we went to today tickled me. Forbidden tips!

We went to this little sushi place for lunch. It’s clearly very popular but is hidden away in a tower block that seems to be full of small businesses. Such a strange thing!

Finally replaced the debit card that expired at the end of August. Since then, I’ve survived just fine using mobile payments. I’ve stopped carrying my wallet around with me, so don’t have cards or cash on me.