Day 2. Every 30seconds for 20min. 1x clean and jerk @ 70kg. Challenging but manageable weight. Two days of exercise and I feel like a different person. Fitter, happier, (possibly) more productive.

Day 1 of trying to get into better habits. Starting Simple and Sinister again. 100 kettle swings and 10 Turkish get ups. It’s 15minutes-ish with a warm up. Which is about all I have time for at the moment.

Parcel collection in China. Parcels don’t get delivered to your flat, instead they go into a locker or to one of these places, within walking distance. You get a text with a code to collect it. It’s just extra busy since China has a massive online sale.

Yesterday L took the kids out for a couple of hours. We always tend to do things altogether at the weekend. Having the time alone just for a couple of hours was genuinely glorious. I felt refreshed as a result.

Parents. I feel like with time being so limited between work and home. I need some things to do that aren’t eating food I shouldn’t and playing with my phone. Any other ideas?!

We drove past this building a lot and I’d always just assumed it was some sort of government building as it’s pretty imposing. Yesterday we saw a Paw Patrol show inside it though…

Today had started so well, I realised 10mins into our drive that we hadn’t argued about the music and the 3yo was loving some indie classics. I miss that already, simpler times.

Food took ages and they forgot my beer. It was amazing. Nice to be bored for a while. Followed up with watching a film in a private room. Happy days.