Today is children’s day. So the shopping centre was packed in a way that is totally normal to me now.

Was nice to go out without the kids but even two drinks was enough. The thought of an actual hangovers terrifies me.

View from the balcony for my morning kettlebell workout. Accompanied by some drum and bass.

Morning routine – meditating, coffee, exercise. Managed some work too this morning before the boy woke up.

I miss going for breakfast in the UK. I’d love to be able to go somewhere for a full English

Toddler film names:

Frozen – Let it go (song)
Big Hero 6 – Microbots
Zootopia – Uh uh uh (It’s in the song from the film.)
Tarzan – You are in my hug (heart) (song)
The Good Dinosaur – New dinosaur (not old dinosaur)
Tangled – Tangled
Lion King – wimba we (the lion sleeps tonight)