New rules today for our city are that anyone coming from overseas into China has to go to a hotel for at least 24hours to be tested. Previously it was just coming from high-risk areas. Potentially longer hotel stays if someone on the flight tests positive.

Played Fibbage with some friends in Australia over video chat. It was fun! I find making the effort to initiate calls or videos difficult even with close friends.

This one was hard work trying to decide what to put in it. It’s been a tough few days but I wanted to finish it.

Feeling a little better for going outside for milk tea and dumplings. First time eating out in a while.

I’m sweating, my mouth burns and my nose is running. Sick? No, just Lyra wanted hot pot for dinner.

Friday 13th was day 50 for us. Tomorrow we’re planning to all go out in the car for the first time since it started. We’re now able to do that. Just as the situation elsewhere seems like it’s just starting.