When we are away from Chongqing L always craves spicy food. So she’s getting some now. Veg and meat cooked in a spicy broth.

Dinner. I couldn’t finish it, because it was SPICY and I’m about to do a few drinks. I don’t think that’s a good combination!

The problem is that I’m trying to use my phone less and eat less crap, but with two small children it’s really hard…

I know she was asking me to wait, that she was giving me a refund and then I would need to pay again. Except I didn’t understand a word she said.

Today is Duanwu festival. Which is famous for dragon boats racing zingzi – sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves. We’re visiting L’s uncle for lunch. After lunch we’ll go for a wander and the family will play mahjong.

Between this and Years and Years on the BBC, I’m feeling very aware of my own mortality. This book starts with the world ending. As with Years and Years, it’s a little too real for me.

Morning meditation cancelled today when the 3yo climbed into my lap for a cuddle. Totally worth it.

Today is children’s day. So the shopping centre was packed in a way that is totally normal to me now.