My gen 1 AirPods case has stopped charging. Which is annoying and frustrating but probably should not be surprising. The trade off is these things don’t last do they.

Trying hard to, ‘be the change.’ Last week was rough because everything was getting to me. Today, even though the youngest was crying at 1am and there’s too much work to do. I’m a trying to focus on the important stuff.

Today in China…

L has turned her hand to macarons recently… These are the second batch. They’re so good.

Episode 18 - “helicopters “

Elise talks about her new toy

Reasons I update things on my phone: (in order of priority) 1. To get rid of the red circle

Episode 17: Dinosaurs Eat People

Elise talks a little about dinosaurs.

A morning routine Darling children all around Everyday a storm

Having small children awake from 5:30 when work is stressful is the worst way to do a morning routine.

We were watching the Matthew Mconnughey and Anne Hathaway film Serenity last night and the best bit was realising some of it is filmed 5 minutes walk from my parents house! If that means nothing to you, save yourself and don’t watch it. It’s not great.


This site said we were 439m on the 69th floor. Now, most of the time I take things for granted. Planes can fly thousand of feet in the air, there’s people on the International Space Station, I can send messages in the blink of an eye - my dad tells me when he first moved to the UK he had to schedule a long distance phone call, and it’s all normal.

But last night, as we sat there I felt a little nervous. Not sure why now. Being so high up in this man made structure.

Hole - Violet

I listened to it again recently after discovering it on an old hard drive. It takes me back to my teens and Napster, Freeserve, the sounds of dial up, logging on to just check my email.


A night away with Lyra and without the kids. Almost didn’t get in. A nice view from the window. Air con. I just had a Twister. Nice to have a little space. To clear our heads a little.

Bought a new book today, Lyra asked me if I’d finished my other books. I have not. See number 2 on this listby Austin Kleon

True friendship

“Be courteous to all but intimate with few, and let those few be well tried before you give them your confidence. True friendship is a plant of slow growth.” – George Washington

I’m think about this in terms of the friends I have that I’ve know __ forever__ and those who are heading that way. Especially as, living in a non-English speaking (or at least not your native language) country can make it hard to make friends.


A friend mentioned Schitt’s Creek in passing and I’m slowing working through first season. I’m tolerating the ‘oh these local people’ stuff because the conversations between Stevie and David are incredible.

Episode 16: “The Family Gets Nicknames”

Following straight on from the last episode. Lyra learns what scruffy means.

Episode 15: Mr Tiny Man

Elise gives her brother a new name.

I should sleep

I should sleep
but, if I stay awake
A little longer
I feel, I can hold tomorrow off
A little longer

Yellow by Elise. 🌈

Oranges. Photos found this photo for me… 📷🌈 #mbmay

Episode 14: “Zog And The Flying Doctor’s” By Julian Donaldson. Retold By Elise

We’ve read this a lot this weekend. She did pretty well!

I want to record my daughter talking to family and friends online. Both would be using iOS. What’s a simple way to do that?


I keep thinking I want a new unlined notebook but keep coming back to the thought that I should be using what I already have.

Episode 13: “Are we An Incredible Family?”

Bit noisy this.