HITT in front of the air con because it’s hot.

FYI New Ted Lasso today!

Since UK passport applications from abroad are now all sent to the UK for processing. I’m continuing to nervously await news about E’s passport renewal. Obviously the first sign was that they charged me. No news is good news…

I know I’ve been watching too much Justified because I want to wear a cowboy hat, eat fried chicken and bbq and drink bourbon. I’m resisting the guns bit.

Brunch with a beer.

Despite everything at least the Olympics is in a very close time zone to me!

I like this responseto the writing prompt:

When the robots revolted, a sizable chunk of the human population outright sided with them. Not out of cowardice, but on account of genuinely agreeing with the stand the machines were taking.

I’m at this stage where I’m reading it a chapter at a time and only in a situation I can properly focus. I can’t bring myself to read it any faster. I don’t want it to end! And so much is happening in the story.

I saw a thread on Reddit recently about whether people take time to digest books after reading them and I’ve been thinking a about that a lot. Do I? Should I? It makes me think as well about how I’m grateful for the tv shows I can’t binge.

I find applying for my passports for the kids incredibly stressful.

Just applied for a renewal for my daughter. I checked and double checked* and hope everything we’ve done is enough.

*Except the location of the office. Apparently it’s not where it was.

At the top tier of just about any sort of endeavor, you’ll find that the performers have coaches.

Pianists, orators and athletes all have coaches. In fact, it would be weird if we heard of someone on stage or on the field who didn’t have one.

And yet, in the world of business, they’re seen as the exception.

Part of the reason is that work feels like an extension of something we’ve been doing our whole lives. Figure skating isn’t like school, but showing up at work seems to be. “I’ve got this,” is a badge of honor.

A coaching paradox | Seth’s Blog

I’m thinking about this in relation to teaching. When do I have the time to do all this?

Consistency > intensity

My issue is and has always been consistency. Life always gets in the way eventually. Plus I just don’t like working out on the balcony. I like to exercise but part of that is getting away from everything for a bit.

8am on a Sunday morning. Coffee on the sofa with the kids and having a cry at the end of Raya and the last dragon.

Finally got around to having a Chinese lesson.

I live in the country so feel like I should be doing more. It is just it’s not a priority as family, work, exercise and sleeping get in the way. It frustrates me.

Also, if only I moved to a country with an easier language!

Bit late to the party but Breath of the Wild is pretty good isn’t it?


“The Library didn’t only contain magical books, the ones which are chained to their shelves and are very dangerous. It also contained perfectly ordinary books, printed on commonplace paper in mundane ink. It would be a mistake to think that they weren’t also dangerous, just because reading them didn’t make fireworks go off in the sky. Reading them sometimes did the more dangerous trick of making fireworks go off in the privacy of the reader’s brain.”
• Soul Music

This popped up on Reddit.

Funny since I was reading this earlier too > Reading and Writing: A Reciprocal Relationship

Notifications Off! The Distraction-Free Benefits of Five-Hour Work Days

“When you are a social person like I am, have two kids as I do, and you also want to make time for sports, the load quickly becomes unsustainable. It is inhumane.”

Pro: I’m naturally waking up early and feeling good.
Con: So are my kids.

Hot pot.

Signal somehow sent a confirmation message to my Chinese phone number. It wasn’t working before. Amazing!

(No more using my old phone!)

Lijiang, China.

All the mushrooms 🍄

If you’re missing any garlic, I think I found it.

Things I realised in the 6 hours before I found my wallet today.

  • I don’t remember the last time I used it.
  • My bank accounts are ok.
  • It’s ok. I can get quite caught up and stressed about things like this.
  • I should look properly in all the places.
  • Sorting out the shelves will now be easier.
  • I found one of Elise’s missing toys.